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Hooked for Life

Fusion Stone is easy to install and the perfect project for a contractor or DIYer. Whether you’re replacing siding, adding exterior accents, or completing an indoor renovation; Fusion Stone provides an innovative thin-stone system that can be installed on both new and existing walls. The patented Fusion Stone Systems use stainless steel components for a lifetime of maintenance-free performance.


“Dry Stack” Fusion Stone derives its name from the innovative feature of no mortar installation that translates into the much valued benefit of an easy, no mess application.
It provides a uniform and high finished appearance that can be admired for a lifetime. The self-defining Caramel, Charcoal and Slate are difficult to choose between, since they offer excellent good taste.


Great Lakes Stone

“Great Lakes” is the best selling system because it offers elegance and good looks. It’s easy to install, doesn’t require mortar, and gives a rugged, traditional visual effect.

Choose from the distinctive rusty and charcoal multi-hues of Brindle, the more relaxed, subdued tones of beautiful Raven, the contemporary, rich and cloudy overtones of Carbon, or the more subtle resonance of dusky Fawn


Peninsula Ledgestone

Peninsula Ledgestone has been designed for a more contemporary look.

Often, Peninsula Ledgestone can be seen as being tightly stacked, with variable length of moderate stone; with each run being somewhat offset from the next both vertically and horizontally.

Peninsula Ledgestone is available in two modern colours, which enables you to make a timely statement with the traditional strength and appeal of stone.


It’s Easy…

Fusion Stone ‘Do It Yourself Masonry’ can be installed in any weather, on any kind of wall. Dry-Stack, Great Lakes and Peninsula Ledgestone all utilize a mortar-free technology. With a few basic tools, you can achieve a professional project with any stone you choose.  High quality stainless steel hardware is included with every order to help simplify the installation process.

For more information visit fusionstone.ca