Thin Veneer Edgebanding

Thin Edgebanding is offered in standard refinements such as pre-glued, sanded, as well as backfleeced sanded.

Standard widths include 22, 28, 32, 35 and 44mm.

Rolls are available in lengths of 328 lf and 500 lf.

A wide range of wood species is available at all times. Nicholson and Cates also offers pre-finished veneer edgebanding and reconstituted veneer edgebanding in both thin or thick.

Thick Veneer Edgebanding

Nicholson and Cates offers multi-layered thick veneer edgebanding in continuous rolls. Veneer in multiple layers is glued together by high capacity presses up to 5mm in thickness. The multi-layered construction with finger jointed middle layers ensures the highest possible flexibility. All thick veneers in continuous rolls are produced with PVAc glues, guaranteeing excellent qualities in regards to flexibility and milling.

Standard surface sanding to 180 grit saves time consuming finishing work during the application process. The back is sanded with 40 grit, which ensures highly reliable adhesion.Multi-layered thick veneer strips are available up to 60mm thick and 4.200mm long. Thick veneer strips are the perfect subsitute for solid wood egebanding. The multi-layered construction enables worry free application while maintaining continuous veneer quality.