Open Joint cladding systems are becoming more widespread, because of their dramatic looks and their ability to manage rainwater. These systems leave the joints exposed between the cladding to increase the aesthetics of the building, and to strengthen the exterior through proper ventilation. However, because of their unique designs, the exterior wall is often susceptible to wind, water and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Benjamin Obdyke has manufactured an exterior system for open joint systems in order to combat all types of weather. This exterior system consists of InvisiWrap UV, HydroFlash UV+ and Batten UV. With these products, they ensure that weatherization and moisture management solutions are always at work providing necessary care to this growing trend.

InvsiWrap UV is a high performance black house wrap that is specifically designed to work with open joint systems. The colour black enhances the aesthetics in order to guarantee that there is no competition with the cladding or hardwood planks. It also provides amazing water holdout, is vapour permeable and durable.

HydroFlash UV+ is an acrylic adhesive that was specifically designed to work with InvisiWrap as it can be used for penetration flashing and covering furring strips. This ensures that the colour black is seen behind the cladding and that all furring strips look invisible, while maintaining water holdout.

Batten UV creates a rainscreen gap for optimum drainage. They are compression resistant compared to traditional furring strips and their unique notched design provides multidirectional airflow. This allows for ultimate drainage to rainscreen applications.

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Trex Cladding is an example of composite cladding that gives a contemporary look. Trex square edge deck boards provide an elegant and modern look. They are eco-friendly, low maintenance and durable, and require no sanding, staining or sealing.

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